is a poignant account of a young man’s afterlife experiences after his death at age 20. Ricardo passed after an accidental fall at College on September 18th, 2005. He started communicating through written messages to his father in July 2006. In July 2007 he communicated to his parents that they would be writing a book together to be finished in one year’s time. And so they did!

You will find in this unusual book Ricardo’s story about his experiences, feelings, emotions and spiritual development in the first two years after his untimely and unexpected passing. He shares his stages of evolution, his “new life”, changes in his “body and habits” and the “people” he encounters along the way. Through his verses one is carried away to another reality where love, compassion, understanding and spiritual growth are the dominant features and goals of those living “life after death”.

Poems of Love


“This is the 5th book by Ricardo, who passed away at age 20 after a tragic fall at college. Ricardo 'dictates' to his father through a process referred as channeling. Planet Janus is a fictional story although it portraits personalities familiar to us and alludes to our own Mother Earth.  (read more...)


Poems of Love

Special Event
New York

Eternal Bonds of Love Conversation with the authors Claudio Petrillo, MD and Silvia Knoploch, MD

Eternal Bonds of Love by Claudio Petrillo
Presented at the 3rd Spiritist Forum of NY
Sep 25, 2011. - (Watch the recorded video...)